The Inter Atmospherical Transport (IAT) is a group of 16 medium transport craft used by the Vectron Federation for an almost infininite number of reasons since they were built in Marin 200400.


In 200400, the Byzantine Federation was seeking a replacement for it's aging fleet of Orion Capsules bought slightly less than new from NASA. 2 designs were eventually built, the IAT and the much more numerous Vista Lander/Shuttle. The craft were first used to bring imigrants from Earth to Earth's Moon, where the Byzantine Federation was prominant at the time. Later, with the start of the evacuation from Earth's moon, the IATs flew Minerva 15, 16, and 17, which mainly transported people and supplies. Then, the IATs brought supplies from various asteroid mining colonies to build Thyrm, the Byzantine's first perminant city, built on Iapetus. They also brought supplies to Wexna, the colony on Hyperion. During the Deron-Razon War, they became troop carriers, gun platforms, and light bombers. By the end of the war, they were rather old, but their carrer wasn't over yet. They were upgraded throughly and became "Space Buses", transporting people between the BF's colonies. With the Grand Expansion that same marin, the IATs used their special coating of intense-heat paint to become inter-planetary transports. With the creation of the SpaceWay, they were assigned their current roles as transports between SpaceWay stations and the planets they orbited. Although, IAT #7 was assigned another role as an executive transport for Derek and the other Vectronic leaders.

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