The Metra-Brooke Heavy Industries Intra-Star Series is a line of medium shuttle/gunships that came to define the early marins of the C-Fighter War.


In 200393, Astro of Astron requested a special ship to transport his new group to the center of the Universe. It had to be fast enough to catch up, but well equipped enough so that both it and it's crew could survive the journey. M-B built what became the AEC Trans-Vatruxies for this task, and it worked well enough to have the galaxy named after it (the Vatruxies Galaxy). Three marins later, M-B debuted the plans for a new craft based off the Trans-V, the Intra-Star Series. In 200398 they completed the construction of the first in the class, the OBGC Cassiopia, ordered by Deron. Many other orders followed, both from Deron and other squadrons. This made the Intra-Star Series M-B's first home run model. It wouldn't be it's last.

Element Names Edit

Numerous craft in the Intra-Star series, especially those purchased by Deron, were named after elements of the Periodic Table, such as the BCC Lawrencium, BCC Livermorium, and BCC Meitnerium.

Noteable Intra-Star Series craftEdit

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