Cquote1 Intranax? What's that? Cquote2
Cquote1 It's Deron's new name for the planet. They renamed it when they took over. Cquote2
Cquote1 It does sound cooler... Cquote2
Raziel and Astro speaking about Intranax.

Intranax from space.

Intranax (formerly Trevoplia) was the home planet of the Trevoplians. The planet's largest city, Trevonis, was once the capital of Trevon. Intranax has been the site of many desputes between the Trevoplians before the Trevoplian Council was made. There are many signs of meteor impacts on Intranax from previous wars.

Post-Trevon WipeoutEdit

After the United Space Republics destroyed Trevon's government, Trevoplia was claimed by Deron under the Trevon Splice Treaty. It was quickly renamed Intranax. Recent polls suggest that due to numerous rebuilding programs and Deron's equality policies, life on Intranax has improved drastically since Deron took over.


  • Keghanis - The ice reigons of Intranax. Temperatures there can reach -68 degrees.
  • Fordsa - Forest regions of Intranax. Much of the dense jungle is still unexplored.
  • Metridux (formerly The Wastelands) - Barren, rocky terrain, that is completely polluted and filled with trash. All the cities there are underground, and these cities once made much of Trevon's defense machines, including Brass Monkeys. Deron has intitated a program to remove the trash, and rebuild Metridux as a capital district, complete with a brand-new modern megacity to be called Vega.
  • Ryad (formerly The Craterlands) - The region only affordable to live in by the richest Trevoplians. The island in the center of the largest crater, called the Great Crater, was once the home base for the Trevon government, called the Trevoplian Council. Deron's equality policies mean that land in Ryad is becoming avalible to more Trevoplians, which pleases most of the population.

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