Metra-Brooke Heavy Industries' Metra-Brooke Integrated Cannon Intrava Fighter-Gunship, or just Intrava, is M-B's first fighter craft, and was designed for Deron and it's allies. The Intrava was designed to compete with Deron War Craft's M-Fighter, but now competes with that company's E-Gunship. It features many unique elements that distinguish it as a M-B product. Most noticeable is it's "Octo-Cockpit", a M-B innovation that gives almost 360 degree vision. It also features an Integrated Laser Cannon (ILC) which gives an overall cleaner appearance and also increases structural integrity. Since M-B uses it's own laser generation technology, it's lasers are all solid beams, rather than DWC's punctuated beam system.

Owners Edit

  • Angon: 20
  • Andron: 50
  • Deron: 104
  • Deron (1st Spectrumite Division): 47
  • Gaugon: 80
  • Leon: 20
  • Metra-Brooke (Demonstrator): 2
  • Metra-Brooke (Lease Fleet): 100

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