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Intron is an ancient civilization that inhabited Universe One in it's very early life and has left relics all over it.


It is unknown when exactly Intron arrived in Universe One, but it is thought to be very early in it's existance. They eventually came to inhabit almost every system in the Universe, covering their territory in advanced technology and infrastructure. One such territory was "Atlantis" (Called Alls-Mezzux by Intron) on Earth. However, for an unknown reason, Intron suddenly abandoned all it's territories in the known Universe, and dissapeared.

Intron's Last Known Insignia


Now, reminants of Intron's super-advanced civilliation dot planets across the Universe. It is known that Intron used a specialized universal propulsion system for all it's vechicles, known as the Trallick Induction Booster, which can be identified by the red cone it emits when active. These TIB Boosters powered individual space-faring personal transports that were most likely supplied to everyone by Intron's central government, which seems startlingly similar to that of the Byzantine Federation. Intron most likely made use of wormholes and black holes as instant transportation, how they managed to do this is unknown however.


Today, many SkyClan squadrons, mainly the Byzantine Federation, use the word "Intra" (or "Intro") in the names of numerous cities, colonies, planets, spacecraft, or other things in honor of Intron. Some examples being:

Theories of OriginEdit

Intron's origin is one of it's most mysterious traits. Over the past marins, many theories of it's origin have been created. The most widely accepted theory is that it came from the future, due to it's super-advanced technology and many portal-like structures that dot it's colonies. However, others say it came from a different ELAQUZO, or that it started at around the same time as the dinosaurs on Earth, but evolved so rapidly that is became significantly more advanced than the dinosaurs or the humans have or did.

The Quest to find IntronEdit

Recently, Deron announced a project to locate Intron. Leon and Netron also joined the quest. Forces to find the mysterious group, mainly probes, have been launched by all three groups, and they are combining their efforts to work faster. Deron and Leon are also benefitted from SkyClan's post-Project Eran universe-spanning reach to better find the organization. However, Leon was erased from existence before Intron was found, and only Deron and Netron are left as part of this initiative.

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