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Ion is a major group that was originally formed by Spencer and Tetricus. Ion contains seven organizations: Spencon, TetronAxon, Techtron, Faezon, and Prestox. It is part of the USR, and is located in parts of the Triangulum Galaxy.

Creation and HistoryEdit

When Spencer discovered that the organization Tetron was inhabiting planets in the PLUX System, Spencer immediately asked if they wanted to start an alliance. Tetricus, being friendly, said yes. Spencer asked if he wanted to be the EA, but he declined politely and said that "I don't want to balance every last organization I come across." Spencer got his point and started collected data about Tetron. Spencon does not use the data unless needed, although Ion does for government purposes. In 200414, Ion found organizations in the Triangulum Galaxy including a new faction known as Axon, run by Axel, who asked to be a Vice Executive for Ion. Ion agreed to the terms. In 200416, mutiple organizations including Techtron, Faezon, and Prestox joined Ion as well as other neutralist groups local to the Triangulum Galaxy.

Ion TodayEdit

Today Ion is as technically advanced in operation as SkyClan altogether. Ion also is one of the top organizations skilled in computer technologies.

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