IMG 0563

An Iontas

They were the first creatures to be discovered on Briton's home planet, Vie.


Iontas are extrordinary mothlike creatures. It has wings and a skinny insect-like body. It's small eyes see heat signature instead of light, unlike most creatures. From the bottom of their eyes extend two lines, that are used to smell. For food, Iontas absorb heat through the shiny goldish plating on their back, which use the absorbed heat to convert to energy for food. Iontas are also capable of shooting silk from the end of their abdomen. Iontas are tipically two feet tall from head to the end of the abdomen, and have a three and a half foot wingspan.


  • Iontas means surprise in Irish. They have this name because of their ability to reflect sunlight from the inner part of their wings, which they wrap around their body when not flying. When a predator comes close, they flash open their wings, temporarily blinding their enemy. They also have the same reflective plating on their back.

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