The capital of Ix, Vlor

Ix is one of the many planets owned by Stevonia.

The IxiansEdit

The Ixians still help Steven once in a while, and they are good allies. Steven has granted them that if they ever wanted to be an independent group, he would help fund them, but the Ixians prefer being under his care. Ixians appear as incredibly strong, four-armed, and slightly-reddish skin, similar to that in color of the rock on the planet Mars. Ixians have thick, blondish facial hair and have two small black eyes, about the size of marbles. Oddly, they actually have better eyesight than Humans.


:: (pronounced somewhat like "Iisx") is a word sacred to all Ixians that cannot be properly pronounced by anyone else than an Ixian. It is said that when the word is spoken, and Ixian can breifly aquire the ability to manipulate anything around it, similar to telekenisis, only much stronger. there once was a human researcher that actually said the word perfectly. Immediatly, the small planet he was on, Uir, imploded, and star supernovaed, destroying the two-planet solar system of Yiut.

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