Z-Kif 1

A Kif

Kif are creatures created by Metron for Stevonian war purposes. Kif are capable of flying by their two gasbags located on the sides of their body. the larger they puff up the gasbags, the higher altitide they can go. when the smallest (bottom right corner of the picture) the are about three feet off the ground. When somewhat puffed up (bottom middle of the picture) they are about 35 feet in the air, and when fully puffed up (top) they can fly 100 feet in the air. To attack ground troops, Kif spin themselves while quickly moving toward the enemy, turning themsleves into a living buzz saw. When attacking sky troops, Kif can shoot their spikes out of their body in a very deadly fashion, shattering ship windows and causing a lot of damage. These spikes immediatly grow back after being shot out. Kif eat small insects using their chameleon*-like tongue.

  • Chameleon-A reptile from Earth that can change color and has a long tongue to catch insects.

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