Z-Kinetica System

The Kinetica System. Magmoor is the only planet that can be seen, the others are blocked by the Puralis Mini-Nebula.

The Kinetica System is a system owned by Stevonia. Several new sentient species have been discovered in the system. Kinetica has one Sun, five planets and seven moons altogether.


The planets, moons, and Kinetica's Sun. Planets are listed as closest to farthest from the sun.


A hot lava planet. This planet's tectonic plates are smaller than the planet's surface area, therefore lava is constantly spewing from the exposed mantle. Mugarmar doesn't seem to have any sentient species, but is almost covered in a species called a Chukka. Mugarmar has two moons, Pyrus and Titanus. Titanus, the larger of the two moons, has a very large volcano, Vernasus.


This planet is 92% water. It has a tropical temperature and is home to a sentient amphibious, humanoid species called the Zorah. Aquina has one moon, Fravita.


Another planet with a tropical temperature, only very slightly colder. This planet is very odd, and has many short, squat plants called Guras, that constantly gush different colored gel-like material. some of this gel has been energized by the energy-producing liquid (Oohraka) that replaces water on Guraea. This energized gel formed a living, sentient species called Gelaea. Gelaea are truly genderless, but a majority (98%) display themselves as humanoid females. Gelaea reproduce through mitosis . Gurraea has one moon, Uite.


The surface of this planet is a gray, rocky flat plane, featuring no oceans (though a few lakes) and is a dark barren wasteland. However, underground, there is a thriving community of mole-like creatures called Moeinians. These sentient species are very shy around species from other planets, and live off large deposits of groundwater, and eat small insects and rodents. Moeinians often wear large goggles that will dramatically improve their vision. Without their goggles, they can barely see three feet in front of them, even though they can see in the dark. Moeinians are also known to be exeptionally good with computers and technology. Lithoteum also is packed with energy crystals, which the Moeinans use for many different things. Lithoteum has two moons, Laahgra (larger) and Geusis.


Magoor doesn't have many species, but it is covered in gigantic mushrooms. (See plants entry for more information on Magoor Mushrooms) Magoor does have a semi-sentient species, called Zazabi. Zazabi appear to be gigantic cells, with one large eye and a clear body. Zazabi have the intelligence and learning capacity slightly above a chimpanzee. Zazabi float in the air and generally about six feet tall. Zazabi are usually very friendly and curious, and always attempting to learn new things. Metron researchers are trying to teach Zazabi for purposes other than war, but the exact reason of training is yet to be told. Magoor has one small moon, Liyus.


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