The Deron War Craft Land and Air Reconnaissance Craft, or LARC, is a variation of the C-Defender, but with a "400RAT" main cannon. Most LARCs feature a single 400RAT located in a depression on top of the main body, and have eight C-Transporter-type rocket boosters underneath. However, DWC has built multiple variations, including the 2LARC, and the monstrous 37LARC, which features 37 of the LARC's 400RAT guns. DWC also built an updated "1LARC", which is the same as the original LARC except it is based on the Type-4 C-Defender and uses anti-gravity boosters rather than rockets. Deron owns most LARCs that currently exist. The only other company that has a LARC is Deron War Craft, which owns 2 LARCs, for demonstration purposes, and the huge 37LARC.

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