A Laser Bomber is a specialized type of bomber that, instead of dropping bombs, fires lasers downwards.


It was first created when Deron modified one of their C-Defenders with four downward facing laser cannons during the First Gostrusum War. After proving itself as a viable alternative to traditional bombers, Deron requested a specially built laser bomber from Deron War Craft, which became the B-2MS, which for whatever reason was nicknamed the "Missile Storm", despite the fact that it carries no missiles. Metra-Brooke Heavy Industries also entered the laser bomber market with it's Aventra.


However, with the exception of Deron, no other squadrons picked up on the laser bomber concept, and neither the B-2MS or the Aventra were successful sales wise outside of Deron territory. Only 11 Aventras were built, including a demonstrator, while the B-2MS was only marginally more successful with 20 built. With the exception of the one Aventra demonstrator, all went to Deron.

Success of the designEdit

Despite the fact that only Deron bought laser bombers, both the DWC and M-B designs proved their worth in combat, especially against Stevonia during the Second Gostrusum War, where, under the Odestron Alliance, they were protected by hordes of Ion Rapid-Fire Series craft, and had the opportunity to really lay waste to the planet Stevonia.


Deron War CraftEdit

  • B-2MS

Metra-Brooke Heavy IndustriesEdit

  • Aventra

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