The LDU is a small robotic space unit used by Deron. It comes in many variations. The basic idea is it is a shield of FEMP-M that blocks lasers.

Types of LDUsEdit

  • Standard Defensive: Basic version. It simply sits stationary in space and blocks lasers.
  • Defensive Cannon: Hollow version with retractible FEMP-M sheet. Inside the hollow area is a cannon that can be used to counterattack. It takes about 1 minute for the sheet to move.
  • Mobile: A version equipped with rockets, so it can move. Fuel lasts about 2 hypramarins.
  • Turret: Has 2 FEMP-M sheets and lasers on the sides. Asymetrically mounted rockets spin the craft to move to thr right side.
  • Defensive Laser: Absorbs energy from the lasers that hit it. After about 5 hits, it unleashes a harsh, solid laser that lasts for about 1 micromarin.

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