The Empire of Leon (LON)
Leon's final logo.



Group Category

Independent Group



Marins Active

200401 - 200419

Ex. Administrator


The Empire of Leon was formed in 200401 based of of the Space Craze 2 phenomenon. Leon was comanded by Leo, whom the squadron was named after. Leon was once part of SkyClan and Andron but it split away and declared war. This resulted in the Dastrac War, which ended in 200411. Leon re-joined SkyClan, but all traces of Leon disappeared in the Sieges of Attii.


Leon was formed by Leo in 200401. It joined SkyClan in 200405. Leon and Andron had a pretty good partnership, but as time went on, things changed causing the seperation of Leon and Andron, as well as SkyClan. Throughout Leon's part of SkyClan, the relationship was uneasy. Then in 200409, Leon broke away over a dispute about the future of SkyClan.

Leon's Insignia

The Dastrac WarEdit

This war was formed when Leon broke away from SkyClan. It occured until 200411. For history, click here.

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