The Leviathan Armed Forces, also known as the Leviathan Navy, or more commonly as LevNav, is a division of the Deron Armed Forces which is permanently based in the Leviathan. It is a reletively small division, equipped with only 202 craft.


LevNav was first created when construction on the OBGC Leviathan commenced in late 200416. It's original assignment was to protect the partially completed Leviathan from hijacking, attack, or pirates. After the Leviathan was completed, LevNav became the Leviathan's equivalent of the Spectrum's 1st Spectrum Division, used to protect the ship and it's citizens from attack. LevNav is also used as a sort of "state militia" within the ship to break strikes, stop terrorist attacks, quell uprisings, and generally keep the peace.

The current LevNav ship inventory is displayed below:

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