Below is a list of all past and present Deron/Easton Alliance/SkyClan military operations. Bolded entries represent major operations

Deron-Razon WarEdit

  • Operation Malum (Retaliate against Razon strike)
  • Operation Vexus (Start where Malum left off)
  • Operation Millivux (Force Razon out of the Milky Way)

First Gostrusum WarEdit

Note: No operations in the First Gostrusum War were carried out due to the fact that there were no battles in that war.

  • Operation Barbarius
  • Operation Biltavis
  • Operation Warra
  • Operation Hour
  • Operation Cetux
  • Operation Centaur

Sumpter WarEdit

  • Operation Saturn (Counterattack against Ethon)
  • Operation Jakavit (Force Ethon forces out of Andromedia Galaxy)
  • Operation Dusk (Launch attack on Ethon from Thyrm)
  • Operation Quarant (Enter the Axis Alliance's area of the Milky Way)
  • Operation Retaliator (Force Darwon's exit from the Axis Alliance)
  • Operation Mavenel (Assault on Tanon)
  • Operation Gentaliux (Assault on Ethon)
  • Operation Homuha (Force Tanon's exit from the war)
  • Operation Galiant (Final Strike)

Dastrac WarEdit

  • Operation Defensive End (Defend the Deratrea Solar System)
  • Operation Waruck (Surround Leon's major battalions)
  • Operation Talon (Destroy those battalions)
  • Operation Heat Wave (Finish the war)

Tentus WarEdit

  • Operation T.E.P.F. (Totally Eliminate Prestox Forever)

Algernon WarEdit

  • Operation Long Tom (Counterattack against rUBY)
  • Operation Karathun (Launch Karathun Virus)
  • Operation Maxima (Support Karathun with Heavy-C barrage)
  • Operation Jagger (Launch Algernon Decimator)
  • Operation Yatariut (Eliminate rUBY from inside-out) (Never Implemented)

Bohrium WarEdit

  • Operation Norfolk (Attack Bohrok swarms)
  • Operation Medalax (Destroy supply lines)
  • Operation Scandium (Eliminate Bohrok Queens)

Aklaza WarEdit

  • Operation Cinderblock (Eliminate ITIHOD) (Failed)
  • Operation Tawatus (Protect Spencon against Triplon forces)
  • Operation Cinderblock II (Eliminate ITIHOD)

Second Gostrusum WarEdit

  • Operation Logax (Attack Stevonia (Planet)
  • Operation Firecracker (Destroy minority Stormbringer Empire squadrons)
  • Operation Seteg (Move Stevonia's Black Hole Sun)
  • Operation Upak (Final Assault before leaving war)

Gazanta WarEdit

  • Operation Novak (Destroy waves of Spencon RF-M2s)
  • Operation Totalitarian (Eliminate Catharsis with R44Bs) (Never Implemented)

Yastragon WarEdit

  • Operation Do Nothing (Do Nothing)

Kaeziler WarEdit

  • Operation Dacia (Assist Ion and Axon, protect Andromedia Galaxy)
  • Project Eran (Eliminate all antagonists)

Vatialion WarEdit

  • Operation Cesium (Defend Andromedia Galaxy)
  • Operation Herig (Assist The Trans-Mallux)
  • Project Eran (Eliminate all antagonists)

Triglac warEdit

  • Operation Great Wall (Deron's part: to protect Thyrm and other Deron colonies)

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