Below is a list of all past and present Spencon (and Ion) military operations.

Sumpter WarEdit

  • Operation Zentrig - Deal minimal damage damage to Ethon
  • Operation Fektun - Help destroy Ethon

Iorel WarEdit

  • Operation Tritolus - Defend and wait for attacks
  • Operation Zangara - Destroy the source of Prestox's dubstep
  • Operation Istrakol - First phase of destroying drawn-out Prestonian attacks
  • Operation Piastrus - Second phase of destroying drawn-out Prestonian attacks
  • Operation Deplt - Stop Prestox from taking control of rUBY
  • Operation Teonison - Send a random fleet of attacks towards Corruptia
  • Operation Phanim - Prepare to destroy all of Prestox
  • Operation Kopstrun - Destroy Corruptia

Trinimine WarEdit

  • Operation Remef - Investigate Stevonia (planet)
  • Operation Bergis (never executed) - Destroy Stevonia (planet) from it's core
  • Operation Curatis - Send final fleets before end of war

Aklaza WarEdit

  • Operation Setzer - Destroy waves of Terror-666s
  • Operation Volentrak - Gather information about the IHITOD
  • Operation Tecra - Destroy waves of Negative-666s
  • Operation Fleevus - Destroy Pernell

Bohrium WarEdit

  • Operation Epptitun - Help Stevonia (organization)
  • Operation Jifrus - Clear all Bohrok in Ionian territory

2nd Gostrusum WarEdit

  • Operation Revenge - Side with SkyClan and attack the Stormbringer Empire instantly
  • Operation Shatter - Build and use the KePUNDeM
  • Operation Dotus - Final bombardment on Stevonia (planet)

Gazanta WarEdit

  • Operation Phristyl - Send 100,000 RF-M2s to weaken Deron

Xerglioen WarEdit

  • Operation Lockdown - Lockdown all of Ion territories
  • Operation Refla - Teleport all Xerglings to white holes

Kaeziler WarEdit

  • Operation Riss - Defend Ion territories
  • Operation Mentaquad - Side-by-side attack with SkyClan towards the UAT
  • Operation Ledrasis - Destroy main forces at Fiztric
  • Operation Hex - Help Axon
  • Operation Curbis - Send more fleets toward Fiztric
  • Operation Kepter - Help Briton and Trevon

Vatialion WarEdit

  • Operation Jettrah - Help defend the Mallux Galaxy

Unaralic WarEdit

  • Operation Tevaous - Investigate disappearances of sieged organizations

Triglac WarEdit

  • Operation Wyxet - Collaborative effort with other members of Ion to supress incoming Axis Alliance forces
  • Operation Zerico - Spy on the Axis and Phion and protect Dastro from enemy forces

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