This is a list of all Unit 44 variations produced by Deron and their functions.

  • "The Dictator" - Create holes on force fields
  • R44B - Use R25B-size cannon to obliterate planets
  • Legacy Planetary Laser Bomber - Bombard key enemy locations with lasers from space
  • Avanti Interceptor - Intercept and eliminate small to medium sized enemy squadrons
  • BHCU - Create and relocate Black Holes
  • Ultimo Transport - Efficiently transport large numbers of infantry troops
  • Valiant - Provide escorts for improtant persons
  • NightHawk - Spy on enemy troop movements, attack preparations, etc. Note: NightHawks can always be active, even in a time of peace!
  • Parrux Assault System (PAS) - Enter enemy squadrons and eliminate them from the inside

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