The Byzantine Federation's "Lucky 13" is a multi-purpose, ground-based vechicle which, for awhile, was the ultimate land-based war machine in the known universe. The Lucky 13 was known for being unstopable in battle, and for being absolutely ruthless.


The Lucky 13 is an odd craft. It functions as a heavy tank, an assault tank, a self-propelled gun, an APC, and a battlefield transport. It features 4 connected units. The first and fourth units feature cabs, which are heavily reinforced to allow for ramming through walls, tanks, or anything else that is in the way. The craft has 2 power modes: a steam mode, powered by a huge boiler in the third unit, and an electric mode, using a series of batteries. The unit is propelled by two huge wheels mounted on the sides of the third unit, or via the treads on the second unit. All units except the third unit have treads. The first and fourth units carry the crew, and the second unit can carry up to 30 troops. The third unit does not carry people.


The Lucky 13 is incredibly powerful in terms of armament. The first and fourth units both have a 155 mm cannon mounted on a turret on their roofs. The second unit has a 64-rocket salvo, which can fire multiple types of rockets. The third unit has pressurized nozzles that use steam from the boiler to create smokescreens. Eight 7-barrel gatling guns dot the outside of the Lucky 13. To deter infantry attacks, 40 3-foot long katana blades are mounted to the sides of the first and fourth units.


The Lucky 13 often attacks at extreme speeds. It often slams into enemy complexes, swiftly eliminating any enemies, destroying the complex, and rapidly leaving. It is also known to charge forward at great speeds, with numerous units making a "moving wall", which destroys everything in it's path.

Nicknames and Crew CustomizationEdit

Much like bombers crews during World War II on Earth, Lucky 13 crews often customized their units with nose art, nicknames, and other whimsy, giving each unit an unique identity.

Special Units and TasksEdit

Many Lucky 13s have been specially equipped with new weapons and sent on special missions. List:

  • Unit #18: This unit, known by it's crew as "Minxy", was fitted with a special missile salvo that fired miniature nuclear missiles. It was specially deployed by Deron under Stevon during the destruction of Tallon IV. It was preserved and resides at Deron's Ship History Museum.
  • Unit #45: This unit, known by it's crew as "Triad", had two steam boiler units, changing it's length to five units. It is currently undergoing testing with Deron.
  • Unit #72: This unit, known by it's crew as "Stable", was the first Lucky 13 to have it's rear cab replaced with two rocket thrusters. Eventually, most Lucky 13s were equipped with this feature.

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