"If they come, we know nothin' about it!" - Unknown

The Byzantine Federation's experimental M-Craft is an incredibly concealed craft designed to be the next generation of fighter craft. Of the few things about it that have been released to the public, we know that it can:

  • Travel within the realm of the speed of light
  • Turn invisible
  • Produce zero heat signature
  • Fire invisible lasers
  • Go undetected by radar
  • Operate for whole marins at a time without stopping
  • Cannot be destroyed by any known weapon
  • Able be mass produced quickly
  • Can travel through the Neutral Zone with no effects to itself or it's crew
  • Can travel through solid objects

and, perhaps scariest of all:

  • Can be hovering right in front of you and you won't know it's there.

It is believed Deron has already amassed quite a large number of these vehicles, and they may have been used during Project Eran. It is also believed that the M-Craft has some kind of relation with the even more mysterious H-Fighter.

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