The Meta-Fighter, or M-Fighter, was Deron War Craft's first attempt at C-Fighter replacment. It is larger than the C-Fighter, but is easier to maneuver. It has twin anti-gravity boosters to propel itself. It was the first DWC ship to use FEMP-M construction.


The M-Fighter had more equipment than the standard C-Fighter, which brought it into the "multi-purpose" category. It's two large hull extensions on the top and bottom of the main body house these unique features. The top extension houses three missile racks, each of which can fire up to 50 missiles each, and rotate to the back when empty. The bottom section houses a sizeable bomb bay that can hold up to 20 bombs. It's two exterior cannons, mounted side by side on the front of the ship, are reletively small for a ship as large as the M-Fighter, but, unlike the main cannon on a C-Fighter, they can rotate up and down. However, it's most interesting feature is it's FEMP-M construction, which deflects lasers without an external force field.

Placement in the DWC LineEdit

The "M" stands for "Meta" because of the M-Fighter's placement in DWC's line when it made it's debut, above the K-Fighter and below the L-Fighter.

The War against rUBYEdit

During the fight against rUBY, Deron War Craft supplied all members of SkyClan a number of M-Fighters to protect against the ever-rising threat of rUBY. This resulted in more squadrons becoming more confident to attack rUBY, contributing to it's demise. This also resulted in a number of squadrons rostering the craft, including neutral groups, where it is now their main craft.

Successful Failure?Edit

Even though a number of squadrons bought the M-Fighter, it did not accomplish it's goal of replacing the C-Fighter in production, however, DWC still considers it a success due to it's popularity.


After the discontinuance of the Supura-Fighter, the M-Fighter was actually returned to production, but only for two colomarins, as the E-Gunship was introduced. During this time, one order was actually placed, an order of one craft by Adon, as a replacement for one of it's C-Fighters, which was destroyed during a training mission. This craft has since been replaced by a E-Gunship, and it resides at Deron's Ship History Museum, with the honor of being the only M-Fighter produced after 200411 and before 200418.

Return 2.0Edit

DWC is once again brought the M-Fighter into production, to replace the aging C-Blaster in the "agile support fighter" category. This occured at the beginning of 200418.