Below is a timeline of major events in the marin of 200410.

HYPRA 200410aEdit

HYPRA 200410bEdit

  • 31:200410 Prestox is upgraded to Rank 2, Hyper Priority (▮).
  • 31:200410 Prestox harnesses the power of Dubstep.
  • 33:200410 - Leon forces attack an Andron patrol.
  • 34:200410 - Leon forces attack SkyClan near the planet of Aslt 30-45.
  • 35:200410 - Spencon creates an alliance with Tetron under the Ionic Republic.
  • 35:200410 - Prestox is upgraded to Rank 3, Mega Priority (▼).
  • 36:200410 - A meeting is held in Xenaris with Deron, Spencon, and Tetron.
  • 39:200410 Deron forces intercept a Leon transmission stating that Leon would attack within the next two colomarins, sparking Deron to ready potentially vulnerable planets.
  • 40:200410 Leon forces attack the planet Xoss in the Battle of Xoss.
  • 44:200410 Deron launches a battalion of ships to attack Leon forces.
  • 44:200410 Andron forces are attacked by a Leon battalion.
  • 48:200410 Preston demands more attacks on Ion and the rest of SkyClan.
  • 49:200410 Deron intercepts a Leon transmission stating that they are planning to launch a massive attack on the Central Powers and Deron at the same time.
  • 49:200410 Deron launches long-range R1 Interbombers at Prestox for espionage purposes.
  • 49:200410 Stevonia declares war on Prestox.
  • 50:200410 Prestox is upgraded to a Rank 4, Super Priority (▲).
  • 50:200410 Extremly long attacks from Prestox commence.
  • 52:200410 Leon learns of Prestox's attacks and holds back it's forces.
  • 52:200410 Deron launches R14 Fighterceptors to attack Corruptia.
  • 52:200410 - The planet Algernon turns aginst Stevonia and Prestox tries to gain control over rUBY.
  • 52:200410 Darwon becomes neutral and exits the Axis Alliance.
  • 52:200410 - Prestox withdraws all forces from zones he attacked.
  • 53:200410 - rUBY destroys some Prestox forces and becomes independent, sparking the universal Algernon War.
  • 53:200410 rUBY is classified as a Rank 10, Peta Priority (∬).
  • 54:200410 - SkyClan starts to provide F.E.F.Gs and M-Fighters to fight off rUBY.
  • 57:200410 - Every war is called off and all of the main organizations (SkyClan, the Stormbringer Empire, Ion, Leon, Prestox, Adon, Darwon, and the Axis Alliance) are asked to merge and to create a temporary group known as Universal Epicness to fend off rUBY.
  • 60:200410 - Laylon starts to get footage of Algernon and rUBY.
  • 60:200410 - rUBY becomes "one huge, writhing, massive octopus-like machine capable of consuming entire planets".
  • 60:200410 rUBY is classified as a Rank 15, Omega Priority (Ω).

HYPRA 200410cEdit

  • 61:200410 - Deron launches the Karathun Virus.
  • 61:200410 - rUBY partially collapses.
  • 64:200410 Two plans to defeat rUBY are realeased to the public.
  • 70:200410 - rUBY starts scrambling the USR SCABIOS.
  • 76:200410 The Algernon Decimator is completed.
  • 82:200410 The Axis Alliance breaks off of Universal Epicness and sends a massive fleet to destroy Deron fortifications located on DTP-12.
  • 83:200410 - Microsoft Mike sends over 9,000 members of the 8th C-Fighter Division to aid in the fighting.

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