Below is a timeline of major events in the marin of 200416.

HYPRA 200416aEdit

  • 1:200416 - Deron announces Project Omitrux.
  • 4:200416 - Ion launches Project TimeBreaker.
  • 7:200416 - Ion locates what could possibly be a temporal Intron relic.
  • 8:200416 - New alliances in the Triangulum Galaxy are formed.
  • 10:200416 Project TimeBreaker ends in a "sucessful failure"
  • 11:200416 - Deron War Craft unveils a E-Transporter Test of Concept Craft.
  • 12:200416 - The Prephion hoax ends after a group of Prestonian hackers are arrested by USR forces.
  • 12:200416 - Trevon is ruled defunct after a short attack by the United Space Republics.
  • 13:200416 - Prestox joins the Ionic Republic.
  • 17:200416 - Deron War Craft unveils the MH-Cannon.
  • 20:200416 - BFCC Inavertable Destiny is transferred to Horizox.
  • 21:200416 - Deron War Craft unveils the Assault Boarding Craft (ABC).
  • 22:200416 - The Jaysonic Empire breaks off of Prestox.

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