Below is a timeline of major events in the marin of 200419.

HYPRA 200419aEdit

HYPRA 200419bEdit

  • 32:200419 - Ethan of Ethon announces that the Axis Alliance will leave the United Space Republics.
  • 33:200419 - The Axis Alliance leaves the USR.
  • 35:200419 - The squadrons Laylon, Leon, and Neonazon mysteriously disappear, possibly due to Phion.
  • 40:200419 - The Axis Alliance declares war on SkyClan, starting the Triglac War.
  • 40:200419 - Ion declares war on the Axis and starts Operation Wyxet.
  • 41:200419 - Deron War Craft finishes testing of the new J-Fighter-2 and delivers the first three to Tanon.
  • 42:200419 - SkyClanic forces led by Darwon engage Axis forces near the Darwon home planet of Tronica, starting the Battle of Mezzux.
  • 50:200419 - Ion locates Axis forces near the Tetron home planet of Dastro, hinting that a battle may start.
  • 52:200419 - A Graeon scout division locates the Leon 151st Strike Battalion near the edge of the Milky Way galaxy.
  • 52:200419 - The Battle of Zerajade commences after Axis forces near Dastro had doubled.
  • 53:200419 - SkyClan engages Axis forces moving towards it's Triangulum Galaxy territories of Triatron and Zetron, starting the Battle of Exaltra. It also announces it's intent to assist Ion in the Battle of Zerajade.

HYPRA 200419cEdit

  • 69:200419 - Razon announces it will replace all it's remaining DWC L-Fighters and R-Fighters with an unspecified new heavy fighter to be produced by Metra-Brooke Heavy Industries.
  • 69:200419 - The Trans-Mallux's elite division Sucleyux announces it will purchase a fleet of new fighters from Metra-Brooke, which will be know as the Strad, replacing it's ancient ex-Deron C-Fighter ARC-1s.
  • 70:200419 - Metra-Brooke announces its new heavy fighter will be called the Huron, after a lake on Earth.
  • 71:200419 - Deron forces stationed at Thyrm launch a counterattack against the Axis, called Operation Voltec.
  • 71:200419 - While on said offensive, Deron forces locate an abandoned Leon L-Fighter floating through space, which contains a copy of Phion's offensive plans for the next marin.

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