Maktalum is a dwarf planet located in the Gaf-Tax Solar System. It is under control of Deron, and is the main base for the SkyClan Territory Group Rotron.

Maktalum's surface


Maktalum was first colonized, along with DTA-205, in Marin 200409. It was used to house the workers and radar operators that worked on DTA-205, and was also used as a base from which to launch probes into The Neutral Zone. It was also used as a refueling and recovery base during Project Eran.

Post-Project EranEdit

After Project Eran, Maktalum was used as the main base for the small permanent governmental force of Rotron, SkyClan's territory group encompassing the Neutral Zone. It is also used as a transfer point for ships travelling through the Neutral Zone to switch from manned to robotic control and back again.


Oddly, Maktalum is located near the outer edge of the Gaf-Tax, with the smaller asteroids located towards the center. How Maktalum's small white dwarf star maintains control over the dwarf planet is unclear.

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