Z-Mega Maw

A Mega Maw

Mega Maws are creatures created by Metron for Stevonian war purposes. Mega Maws are made out of gooey, non-translucent reddish material. They have a sort of odd body configuration. They have a mouth that goes all the way around their body, which is lined with sharp teeth. They have four glowing green eyes each of which is positioned on a small protruding knob on their head. When moving, they are quite slow, so they usually rely on surprise and trapping their victim. Their brain power isnt very high, it is just slightly below the average Metron Creature brain level. Even though, most of the brain power they have is focused on knowledge of traps and locating good hiding spots. And they make perfect trap placements, because they are almost impossible to sneak up on. When attacking an enemy, they bite their opponent fiercely, and do not let go. When they bite down, 30 tons of force come down, usually crushing the victim.


  • The name Mega Maw comes from their five incredibly strong jaw muscles.

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