Metra-Brooke Heavy Industries is a company formed by the Vectron Federation to produce large machinery or technological machines. It's products include almost all other equipment Deron owns not produced by Deron War Craft, including:
Metra-Brooke Heavy Industries Logo 2

Metra-Brooke's current logo.


Metra-Brooke Heavy Industries was founded in late Marin 200398 by Derek of the Vectron Federation. It's first job was to build the then Byzantine's Alpha- and Sigma-Class airships. It also built the Byzantine's Vista Shuttle/Landers and Inter-Atmospherical Transports (IATs) using raw materials imported from the Byzantine's only major ally, Mongolia. It even built BFC Xenon, the Byzantine's first carrier craft. As the Byzantine expanded into the Andromeda Galaxy, Metra-Brooke built one of Derazuma 2's most famous buildings, the Fectra Building, which is mechanized so it can fold and spin into different shapes, and even move to make way for large shipments crossing the Hetalax SkyWay. Afterwards, Metra-Brooke built many other buildings for other SkyClan squadrons, and continues to do so today. By far, Metra-Brooke's most famous creations are the R25-Class of ships, which are the largest ship-guns known to be in existance. Metra-Brooke also built the newly-renamed Vectron Federation's Spectrum-Class of ships.

Standard Warship Line Edit

In Marin 200416, Metra-Brooke followed in the footsteps of DWC and launched a standard lineup of warships, which include:

  • Metra-Brooke Integrated Cannon Intrava Fighter-Gunship (Intrava)
  • Metra-Brooke General Utility Deltrax High Capacity Bomber (Deltrax)
  • Metra-Brooke Aventra Medium-Class Laser Bomber (Aventra)
  • Metra-Brooke E-2 Light Assault / Scout Fighter Craft (E-2)
  • Metra-Brooke Vero Inter-Atmospheric Medium Rocket Bomber (Vero)
  • Metra-Brooke Strad Elite Assault Fighter (Strad)
  • Metra-Brooke Huron Medium Ship-Gun (Huron)
  • Metra-Brooke E-3 Light Assault / Scout Fighter Craft (E-3)
  • Metra-Brooke Deflector Rapid Launch Medium Interceptor (Deflector)

Lease Fleet Edit

Metra-Brooke is unique as it owns it's own fleet of ships that it leases out to squadrons who are short on firepower. If a lease ship is destroyed in combat, the squadron leasing it simply has to pay M-B the value of the ship. Metra-Brooke Leasing currently offers the following models:

Metra-Brooke ModelsEdit

  • Intrava: 100
  • Deltrax: 15

Deron War Craft ModelsEdit

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