Z-Miyaeti 1

3 normal Miyaeti

Miyaeties are creatures created by Metron for Stevonian war purposes. Miyaeti are short, humanoid creatures that have rounded mouth in which is a long tongue, which they use to eat nectar. They have white fur and bluish grey skin.
Z-Spined Miyaeti 1

2 Spiny Miyaeti, one dormant and one spinning

They have four short limbs and a small body. Miyaeti have a powerful sense of smell, although they don't have a nose. Instead, their tongue is used to detect smell, like an Earth snake. (which is where part of DNA used for this creature came from) There are two types of Miyaeti.

Normal MiyaetiEdit

Normal Miyaeti, or just Miyaeti, have short, coarse fur and their tongue is painfully rough, because it is covered with millions of almost microscopic spikes, which can easily tear through clothing, and it can make large gashes in flesh and even metal. They also have four sharp venomous fangs positioned around their round mouth, and the venom that comes from the fangs can kill a healthy human adult within three to four minutes.

Spiny MiyaetiEdit

The Spiny Miyaeti is like a normal Miyaeti, except it has long, sharp quills and is able to roll into a ball and spin at high speeds. The quills come out as soon as they are impaled into something, and have small ridges that stay in the victim's skin, which make them very painful to remove. The quills on the Spiny Miyaeti also grow back quite fast after they come out. Spiny Miyaeties have the same sharp tongue as normal Miyaeti, but they do not have the four venomous fangs.


  • When first sent out to the field, enemy troops highly underestimated them, and all in all, they lost the battle severely.

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