The NES Deuterionic is an explorational shuttle/transport made by Neos to transport Neon to the Vatruxies Galaxy. Outside, it is virtually identical to the OREC Hydrogenic.


After Neos, Raziel, and Astro split up in their quest to reach the center of the Universe, Neos took his knowledge of the Hydrogenic, which all three had intially been using, and built a duplicate of it, which he named the Deuterionic, after the isotope of Hydrogen, Deuterium. Despite it's external resemblance to the Hydrogenic, the similarities ended there. The Deuterionic featured a much improved Spectral Gravatational Mapping machine, which allowed the ship to navagate much better, as well as have much fewer malfunctions. This eventually lead to Neos catching up with Raziel in the race to the Vatruxies. After this, the Deuterionic served an interesting purpose as a blockade runner, avoiding and finding gaps in the Razon blockade of Earth's Solar System during the Deron-Razon War.

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