The Neon Tenocracy (NON)
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200400 - Present

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The Neon Tenocracy is one of the Central Powers group of allies. It is famous for the fact that 99% of it's fleet is C-Fighters. (The other 1% is made of 2 C-Defenders.) It was originally founded by Neos in the Vatruxies Galaxy.


Neon was created in 200400 and was actually the first of the C-Fighter War organizations.(It predated Deron by 2 Vetamarins.) It was not the first group to use the Central Powers' signature government type but converted soon after it was invented by Astron. Neon was the third group to join SkyClan. Neon's most famous accomplishment was the Battle of Shalussa in 200402, when two Neon C-Fighters fought their way out of a huge barbarian ambush.

Neon's Insignia

Neon TodayEdit

Today, Neon's home planet of Wheshelle is a very popular tourist attraction. It is also the site of a minor Deron War Craft plant.

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