Facist Totalitarianism of Neonazon (NNZ)
Neonazon's final logo.



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Marins Active

200402 - 200419

Ex. Administrator

Adolf Hitler

Neonazon, (also spelt Neonazin) was a fascist group that formed in 200402 after a group of Neo-Nazis traveled and settled on their home planet Fodal. They were very militaristic, like North Koreon, but only 75% of their population was in their military.

Rise to Power and HistoryEdit

In the middle of 200410, Neonazon scientists found out to resurrect people from the dead. They brang back Adolf Hitler (Executive Administrator) and most of the army from World War II on Earth. Neonazon then quadrupled its size and took up the rest of the space on their planet. Neonazon stood as the organization with the heaviest protection based in the Milky Way GalaxyDerek was planning an an alliance between SkyClan and Neonazon until 200419, where there civilization was left without trace by Phion.


Neonazon's Insignia

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