The Epic Empire of Netron (NET)
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200401 - present

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The Epic Empire of Netron is a squadron based in the Mallux Galaxy, near it's central area. It exists along with Graeon and Hafnion as part of The Trans-Mallux.


Netron was formed after it won the Twalventa War against Tanon, which was it's fight for independence. Once it gained independence, it moved to the Mallux Galaxy to escape from Tanon and the Axis Alliance. It stayed hidden until Deron and Andron exploration ships arrived in 200415. Then, Graeon leader John Graer introduced Derek to Netros, leader of Netron.

Netron's Insignia


Today Netron is an advanced group trading on a universal level. When Derek first landed at Netron's capital city, Netralikus, he said, "Man, this place is EPIC!", and that's where the "epic" part in Netron's name came from. Netron is also no longer enemies with Tanon.

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