The Neutral Zone is a piece of space that many unexplained things and odd creatures are. Sensors don't work,

A diagram of the local group. The gray area is the location of the Neutral Zone.

communication is lost, and crewmen have reported hearing whispers when they are alone, when flying near the Neutral Zone. Odd crewmen behavior has been reported by captains. There was one ship, called the Ithaca, that sucsessfully made it through the thin part of the Neutral Zone. When found eveyrone had lost their memory and were on the floor babbling nonsense. The only known person to regain some of his memory was the captain, Captain Teg Stilgar. He had remembered only the ride through the Neutral Zone, and nothing else. What he said is highly classified, and is only known by three people, Steven, Derek, and Spencer. Many people are very superstitious of the Neutral Zone because they know so little about it. The Neutral Zone should be avoided at all times.

Photos related to the Neutral ZoneEdit

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