The Ni Series is a series of small one-man attack ships created by STC and Logitech. They are easy to make and used exclusively by Stevonia and Spencon. The typical Ni is broken down into only two parts- the round turret that holds the pilot inside, and the small rectangular part that holds the Ni Propultion System. The Ni's small size is made up by attacking in large numbers.

History of the NiEdit

The Ni was developed by Stevonian and Spenconian engineers working together to create a new easy-to-make craft that could be launched in large numbers at a moment's notice. The result was the Ni. Stevonia and Spencon conuinued to create eight more Ni together. The Ni gets it's name from the "ni" noise that it's rapid-fire blaster makes when shooting.


  • Ni [Type 1] (Stevonian & Spenconian)
  • Ni [Type 2] (Stevonian & Spenconian)
  • D-Type Ni [Ni Type 2.5] (Spenconian)
  • Ni [Type 3] (Stevonian & Spenconian)
  • Hyper-Ni (Stevonian & Spenconian)
  • Mega-Ni (Stevonian & Spenconian)
  • Ni-Anni (Stevonian & Spenconian)
  • Ni Fleet Carrier (Stevonian)
  • Ultra-Ni (Stevonian & Spenconian)
  • Omega-Ni (Stevonian & Spenconian)
  • Ni-Yan (Stevonian)
  • DnNi (Deranian)

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