Nightmare is one of rUBY's minions. When first encountered, it was wearing a faceplate to protect it's soft true body. At the end of the first fight with it, it's faceplate exploded, and it fled. In the second battle with it, Nightmare was destroyed. Nightmare has a mechanical suit that protects it's soft body from environmental effects and most attacks. Nightmare's true body is semi-solid mush with six eyes and a toothless mouth. When having low health, it's body turns red-hot, and he gains the ability to spit fireballs. It floats in the air and has two arms, as well as a cannnon tail. The overall shape of the suit is similar to that of the profile of a lobster. Nightmare got it's name for it's immense dislike of sunlight, and is always in the dark. If it's opponent goes into the sunlight, Nighmare will not follow. There might be a chance that Nightmare can get hurt or even die if placed in direct sunlight. Another purpose for the mechanical suit might be to sheild Nightmare from the sun. Nightmare lives in a special underground base on Stevonia's moon. It is unknown how long the base has been there and who built it. When not in battle, Nightmare hooks up his suit to a docking hatch on the celing of his 'room'. (seen at the top right of the main pic) There is a small exitway on the top of Nightmare's suit, just big enough for him to ooze through, and into the small, isolated room that the docking hatch leads to. There is no other way into the docking room other than the hatch itself, so there is no way to catch Nightmare off guard. Actually, there used to be a second door, but it was purposly destroyed, so no one could get through. Ironically, how Nightmare was killed, is that he was locked in his room after his suit was destroyed, and a mine was placed on the outside of the hatch. An explosion occured as the Stevonian trooper squad left the base.


Strength 6/10
Health 7/10
Intelligence 6/10
Battles Fought 2
Deaths Caused 5


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