Ike Probe


The OPIOP (Other Planet Independently Operating Probe) was designed by the early Byzantine Federation to explore new planets, such as the Derazuma Planet System. It was based off the Ike, Leo, and Balboa "Horus" Probes built by NASA a few years earlier. The probes are some of the most advanced created by man. They are capable of thinking and operating on their own and can even reprogram themselves based on new discoveries and other factors. 10 of these probes were the first Byzantine presence on the Deratrea Solar System planets. Today they operate in conjunction with manned UEVs to continue Deron's Space Explorarion.


The OPIOP uses algae-like material to produce energy and hydrogen. The energy powers the probe's many sensors, while the hydrogen inflates it's gas bag, which provides lift. OPIOP also has 4 propellers that contol it's movements and can propel it at up to 30 miles per hour.

Sensors and equippmentEdit

The OPIOP uses a large amount of sensors. It has radar to detect objects and movement around it. It has a pair
Ike Probe 2

OPIOP's "head"

of optical sensor "eyes" mounted on a "head" that extends from below the main body. It can analyze samples of material to check for signs of life.


OPIOP carries two types of mini-probes.

  • Spider Probe: Walks on 4 legs to explore ground items in detail.
  • Disk Probe: Circular Disk-Like probe that flies at rapid speed to keep up with fast organisms.
    Ike Probe 3

    OPIOP's Spider Probe

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