The OREC Hydrogenic is an explorational shuttle/transport made by Raziel and his brothers Neos and Astro in 200390 for an expedition to find the center of the universe. It is similar in design to the NES Deuterionic.


The OREC Hydrogenic was originally constructed by Raziel, Neos, and Astro for their joint operation to find the center of the universe in 200390. It was launched that same marin and was the sight of the breakup of the expedition, with each of the brothers going different ways. Raziel retained control of the Hydrogenic after the breakup, and therefore had a head start over Neos and Astro. However, both brothers, using different methods, eventually caught up. However, Raziel still arrived first, and the Hydrogenic was instantly famous. The Hydrogenic went on to serve as an executive transport for Razon, until 200416, when it gained a well-earned retirement. It is currently displayed at the Razon Capital Complex on Klazxsv

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