Oculus are beetle-like creatures made by Metron for Stevonia to fend off enemy ground troops. Oculus have round shells that are about two feet across, have six squat legs and a single-large eye in the center of their body. This eye can fire balls of energy, and, when closed, the eyelid is almost inpenetrable. In fact, The whole shell is inpenetrable. We have still yet to find a laser powerful enough to penetrate it's shell. The only way that you so fer can destroy it is to tear it off the wall with a crowbar (which is hard to do with it shooting at you) and shoot it repeadedly on it's underside. We were also able to teach it who and who not to shoot, as well as how to flip itself back over if pryed off the wall. The word "oculus" is Latin* for the word "eye."

  • Latin- An ancient language that originated from Earth. For a long time on Earth the language was dead, but was brought back and is now used today by the Elders of Aaraa.

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