"Talk about a killer space station..." - Raziel after encountering a Deron ODS during the Deron-Razon War.

The Orbital Defense Station (ODS) is based off one of the oldest ideas in the C-Fighter War, "a space station orbiting a planet could provide defense for that planet." Deron War Craft produced this station in 3 types, Type 1, 2, and 3. These craft are based on size. Type 1 is smallest, while Type 3 is the largest. Many still exist, although they face a problem encountered by all orbital space stations, eventually, they could fall out of orbit and burn up. DWC has modifed nearly all of the craft with boosters in case of this occurance. They were replaced in production by the Mobile Defense Station.

Type 1: Cube shaped, with 8 cannons. Crew of 4. Most common version.

Type 2: Hexagonal prism shaped, with 12 cannons. Crew of 6. Least common version.

Type 3: Octagonal prism shaped, with 16 cannons. Crew of 8.

Type 4: Proposed version capable of "planet hopping". It would have been shaped similar to a hexagonal pyramid with a crew of 8. Armament possibilities range from 12 to 48 cannons.

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