Overmind is not actually a true planet, buy actually a gigantic, intelligent,
Z-Overmind 1

The Overmind's core eye

stationary alien creature of unknown origins. Overmind has two rings and a small moon. It's star is a red sun, only slightly bigger than Overmind. Overmind is located only a short way from the border of the Neutral Zone. It is the suspected origins of the Zerglings.

The OvermindEdit

There are thousands tunnels in the planet Overmind, but only a few lead to the hollow center of the planet. In the hollow center is a huge 'eye', that can actually fire lasers from the x-shaped pupil as a self-defense. These lasers are quite deadly, and
Z-Overmind 2
can turn anything to ashes, exept it's own flesh.

Project EranEdit

Overmind was set ablaze during Project Eran by SkyClan to eliminate any other threats. As of last update, the creature is suffering severe burns and is losing it's life.

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