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Phion, also known as the Illuminati, is a very mysterious group. They claim to be descendants of the illuminati, a clan from Earth. What Phion wants and what their goals are is currently unknown. 



Phion agents started appearing sometime after marin 200410. After Stevonian agents detected Phion activity on their radars, the Algernon War began, and Phion quickly moved back into obscurity. 


A clan of what may have been Phion agents from Prestox were debunked in 200416. The name Prephion is thought to be a portmanteau of Prestox and Phion. The group sent a transmission through the Prestonian government in late 200415 threatening all of the USR.

Conspiracy TheoryEdit

During the latter days of 200417, after a long period of peace, Spencon devised a theory that Phion may have been part have Intron but went to war with them. Phion could have possibly destroyed Intron forever, but still leaving traces of them. This theory is not confirmed but could play a strong role in events to come.

Notable Members of PhionEdit

  • Omicron - The mysterious leader of Phion. It is said that there is a small object of Intron origin that was
    Cube 1

    The only existing image of the Intron object.

    uncovered by a Phion agent. It's function is unknown, and Omicron keeps it on his desk at all times. 
  • Rho - Designs all of Phion's weapons. Created Phion's signature Power Gloves and GraV Packs.
  • Lambda - Omicron's right-hand man and 2nd-in-command of Phion. Lambda is Phion's top spy and infiltrator.

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