Z-Puffer 1

A Puffer

Puffers are artifical organisms made by Metron, for Stevonian war purposes.

There are two main types of Puffers. The smaller, more mobile puffers (simply called Puffers) , or the giganic, atmosphere-intoxicating ones. (Pufferoids) Puffers absorb energy through photosynthesis, and rely on smell and light-heat displacement sensing to see.


Puffers shoot out flammable toxic gas form the many holes on it's round body. Puffers are slightly larger than a basketball. When killed, a puffer will explode in a large firey explosion.


Pufferoids are gigantic versions of puffers. Pufferoids are not round, and aren't able to move very fast by themselves. Pufferoids are used to intoxicate atomospheres when in war. Pufferoids are put in gigantic metallic oval-shaped containers and launched at enemy planets, usually three or more at a time, directly from Metron's base planet, Motos. The launch containeers split in half immediatly after going through the atomosphere. Even though Pufferoids would be strong enough to go through the atomosphere without the container, the contianer is simply to protect it from enemy forces until impact. The launch containers are vitually impenatable to all types of lasers, because they are ploished so that they will deflect enemy fire. Pufferoid gas is 9,000 times more toxic than Puffer gas, and is definetly surperior to that of a Puffer. Pufferoid gas is also non-flammable. However, Pufferoids are are capable of launching highly-explosive projectiles. It will only take one hour for three Pufferoids to intoxicate a roughly Earth-sized planet.
Z-organic weapon

A Pufferoid fighting off Deron Turbojets.

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