The R44B is a variation of the incredibly versatile Deron War Craft ship, the Unit-44. It is similar in purpose to the R25B, so it is in the same designation category. It is so popular that DWC has been producing kits to modify Unit-44s into R44Bs. The ship is basically a Unit-44 with a large cannon about two-thirds the size of the R25Bs attached to the bottom, along with a number of rocket boosters. Despite the cannon's large height and width, it is only about three feet long front to back. This is done to conseve materials. R44Bs were used in the action against rUBY and in the later battles of the Sumpter War. A large strike by R44Bs was planned for the Gazanta War, but the war's end eliminated that plan, and quite possibly saved Catharsis.

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