The Deron War Craft RApid Deployment-Interceptor Ship, or RAD-IS, is a medium-heavy assault/interceptor craft that was originally created for Ethon, but later purchased by Deron.


The RAD-IS was originally commissioned by Ethon in late 200405 when they wanted a large interceptor for planetary protection purposes. In responce to this, DWC produced the RAD-IS. However, Ethon, which was in the process of rebuilding Darwon in preparation for it's entry into the Axis Alliance, could not afford to purchase the 20 RAD-IS craft that had been built, so the order was cancelled. The ships, now orphans, sat around at the DWC Storage Facility on Derazuma 1 for 4 marins before Deron bought them during SkyClan's 200409 Triple War, for use as heavy support vehicles and medium bombers. All except one still exists as part of the Deron Armed Forces, suprising considering the magnitude of the 200409 Triple War. The one that did leave was given to Darwon in 200417 as a token of alliance when it rejoined SkyClan. However, Darwon had no use for the ship, and it was traded back to DWC for new E-Gunships. The craft was then donated to Deron's Ship History Museum.

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