The ancient-seeming Rocket Tank #1 was first built when Deron had just declared independence. Based on the V1 Flying Bomb from World War II on Earth, the craft was mass produced in the billions and was the main craft in the Byzantine Revolution, the Deron-Razon War, and the early First Gostrusum War.


Byzantine RevolutionEdit

In the Byzantine Revolution, RT-1 production was first created to make the Byzantine's first military. The philosophy was "Let's combine the tank and the ground attack plane so we don't need as many materials." It worked.

Deron-Razon WarEdit

In the Deron-Razon War, it took off from Deron bases on Iapetus and Triton to attack Razon forces. Some craft also used their speed as scout craft. Late in the war, they flew alongside the new B-Fighter.

First Gostrusum WarEdit

Continuing in previous roles, the RT-1 was used in the First Gostrusum War as a scout craft and a ground attack craft. It went up against Stevonian hover tanks, were it's pilots developed a strategy of flying beneath the tanks and destroying their light underbody armor.


Now, around 500 RT-1s are still in use by Deron. They were used in the last SkyClan attack of the Second Gostrusum War, and also used to guard SpaceWays, until they were replaced by Type-3 C-Defenders. A new version is under development.


The RT-1s is very easy to fly, versatile, and features a number of variations.

  • RTW-1: Features hydrofoils instead of treads to land and take off on water.
  • RTA-1: Features two large wheels as landing gear, similar to a motorcycle, that allows for street manuverability.
  • RTB-1: Bomber version with extended fuselage and two sets of wings.
  • RTS-1: Version specialized for space use.
  • RT-1m: New modified version under development.

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