rUBY [Emerald Form] flying through space.

rUBY [Emerald Form] is a secondary form of rUBY. after she was defeated once, she turned into Emerald Form, a better, stronger, and energy-based version of herself. It has no true physical form, it simply shapshifts to different things. The Emerald Form Software puts more dominance on the SensitTouch Holograph feature, allowing rUBY to shapeshft instantly, intead of taking ten minutes to gather sufficient information to create a body. She takes 3D photos of everything she sees, for later use, come the time she might need tom turn into it. She also has the power to create intelligent beings, to attack her enemies, which is basically everyone else. These minions are usually quite powerful, and are hard to defeat. By giving them a copy of some of her intelligence, these minions are spread across the galaxy. These features make rUBY all the more dangerous.

Minions Sent out by rUBYEdit

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