The Tenocracy of Razon (RZN)
Razon's current logo.



Group Category

Singular Group



Marins Active

200400 - Present

Ex. Administrator


Razon is a former antagonist group that is now a protagonist and is part of the Central Powers. Razon is based on the planet Klazxsv (Klah-z-icks-vh).


Razon (at the time known as "The Razos"), was formed in 200400 in the same region as Neon. it quickly expanded, although it was halted near the planet Earth, by the Byzantine Federation, then known as "Space Exploration Group" (SEG). The Deron-Razon War followed, and lasted about 4 marins. The end of the Deron-Razon War was because Razon and Astron's alliance formed with Neon in 200405, forming the Central Powers, with then joined SkyClan only because Neon was part of SkyClan.
Razon Insignia

Razon's Insignia

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