Z-Reok 1

A normal Reok

Reoks are creatures infused with frog DNA, and were created by Metron for Stevonian war purposes. There are two types of Reoks. Red normal Reoks and Green flying Reoks. Both types have a single blue eye and a hard pointy beak for attacking their enemies. Reoks are amphibious and start out life as a tadpole, and grow into an adult. Normal Reoks walk on all four legs and are a bit slower than flying Reoks, although they are still pretty fast. Flying Reoks can't exactly fly too high, but because
Z-Reok 2

A Flying Reok

they are further infused with frog* DNA nore than normal Reoks are, they are green and have more froglike legs. The wings are mostly used to stay in the air longer after a jump. They bite as an attack jst like a normal Reok.

  • Frog- An amphibian from Earth that has powerful hind legs for jumping.

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