The Republic of Flaterazoa is a revolutionary group formed on the principles of the Adon Republic after it was destroyed by the Adon Federation and Deron in 200408.
Republic of Flaterazoa

The Republic of Flaterazoa's insignia

History Edit

The RoF was formed in 200409 based on the same ideals as the Adon Republic before it. It has since become the major opposition group to the Adon Federation, ever since Adolf's Revolution merged with Neonazon in 200410. Since it's inception, the RoF has been in near constant civil war with the Adon Federation, as the Adon Republic had been before it.

Insignia Edit

The insignia of the RoF is a red picture of Flaterazoa, with the insignia of the Adon Republic at it's center, symbolizing how the old Adon Republic's ideas are at the center of the RoF, and should be at the center of all Flaterazoa.

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