RokaStar Galaxy
The RokaStar Galaxy.



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The RokaStar Galaxy is a polar ring galaxy that was formally a Deron colonial galaxy now operated under Yeatrion.


No one really knows when it was formed, but it was probably created when two galaxys collided, most likely both elliptical types. Deron started colonizing the galaxy in Marin 200404. It was deemed unimportant by all of Deron's former and current enemies and has never been attacked.

Formation of YeatrionEdit

In mid-Marin 200415, Deron was attempting to reorganize it's RokaStar colonies. It decided to take a page from SkyClan's Post-Project Eran handbook and make a "seperate" squadron to govern the territories. For this, Yeatrion was created. Yeatrion citizens and selected Deron took part in an election to determine the leader, and an overwhelming majority voted in favor of Derek's friend Elise, who has since become OverRuler of Yeatrion's government, which is an exact copy of Deron's.

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